Goldenberg Group

The Goldenberg Group is one of Philadelphia major real estate developers, with a twist – it brings an inordinate amount of focus to community revitalization in its development efforts. But to be successful in Philadelphia and beyond, the company needed exposure, awareness and increased credibility.

Service Offerings
Strategic Counsel
Putting community first.
The Need
Goldenberg needed to become a known quantity in the Philadelphia region.
The Insight
Great teams deliver great results.
The Solution
Grimm & Grove was the project lead on one of Goldenberg’s major development efforts. We used that role to accrue a team of some of the best talent in the business, from key spokespeople to social media management to local government relations. Much of the team remains in place today, with a focus on driving increased visibility and notoriety for Goldenberg.
Beyond Communications
The Result

Goldenberg is now a known player in the Philadelphia real estate sector, with a major driver being its funding of cultural programs throughout the area. The company has been recognized and honored by both the Center City Proprietor’s Association as well as the YMCA, and it has increased its footprint with many projects throughout the region.

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