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A startup veterinary staffing company based in Philadelphia, IndeVets was founded to improve the veterinary industry which has been rocked by a crisis-scale labor shortage due to high rates of employee turnover and burnout. By allowing veterinarians to choose when and where they work, IndeVets up-ends the traditional top-down model of most animal hospitals and clinics. Given that its main product is human resources, IndeVets requires a steady stream of recruits as it expands nationally. This would pose a challenge in any industry amid the post-pandemic job market, but particularly so in a profession that attracts risk-averse, stability-seeking individuals. Grimm & Grove was engaged to help develop messaging, conduct media outreach, and build brand awareness for this transformational company. In the months we’ve been supporting IndeVets, they’ve grown exponentially—from seven to 30 markets across the country—and as of this writing were slated to move into bigger headquarters.


In order to attract more potential employees and to home in on the key industry demographic of millennial women who currently comprise the majority of veterinarians, Grimm & Grove focused on positioning the company as a wellness-promoting employer with a nurturing and positive workplace culture. This included industry-specific outreach such as developing panels for veterinary conferences about improving workplace morale for veterinarians. We also worked to place expert quotes from IndeVets staff in mainstream lifestyle and pet-focused publications to establish its credibility and broader brand recognition. 

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