Gettacar is a fast-growing Philadelphia start-up that makes car buying easy. The problem? Earning the name recognition and credibility necessary to get people to buy a car online – not something the average car buyer considers.

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Public Relations
Helping gettacar become the go-to-source for auto shoppers to gettacar.
The Need
Gettacar launched in late 2018. To build credibility and excitement for the online car buying experience, the young company needed a communications strategy and plan for converting its valuable service into a thriving company and great place to work.
The Insight
The needs of the business and the landscape itself for online car buying were rapidly evolving. So we had to rapidly evolve our PR program right along with it.
The Solution
Appeal to a specific core target audience – women – in the local Philadelphia region. Once that was done, we quickly expended into key growth regions such as Reading, Lehigh Valley, and Baltimore.
Beyond Communications
The Result

Major media placements in publications like The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Business Journal, along with speaking engagements at a regional and national level, have led to a number of key indicators for success. Women and other target markets are associating car buying with fun and empowerment; the founders of gettacar are widely being recognized as thought leaders in the eCommerce space; and the brand has grown in awareness and recognition.            

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