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Lifecycle WomanCare has been providing exceptional healthcare services for women of all ages since 1978. But before it worked with Grimm & Grove, it was called The Birthing Center – a name that failed to communicate the broad range of services that the organization offered. It was our job to make sure the public knew it.

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Helping a birthing center go beyond birth.
The Need
The Birthing Center needed to expand knowledge of its continuum of care beyond birthing, including a comprehensive range of women’s health services from pre-teen to menopause. Given the organization’s limiting name, an entire rebranding process was in order.
The Insight
TBC wasn’t just about having babies. It was about taking care of women through every stage of their lives.
The Solution
Grimm & Grove helped to create a new name – Lifecycle WomanCare – and developed a new brand and visual identity. The new brand was supported through marketing collateral, a user-driven website and a marketing plan to introduce the organization’s brand and service offerings. We also provided public relations support to introduce the brand, including the creation of an annual State of Women’s Health event.
Beyond Communications
No communications plan could have been successful without the complete overhaul of The Birthing Center’s name, brand and messaging.
The Result

The Lifecycle WomanCare brand has been embraced by new and current audiences alike, firmly positioning the organization for the full suite of services it offers to women throughout the Philadelphia region. Grimm & Grove’s support has also increased visibility and awareness for the organization.

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