Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

The Greater Philadelphia Area is a beautiful place. But it often lacks something important: greenery. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society wanted to increase the tree canopy of the area with a mass planting. The Plant One Million (P1M) campaign envisioned one million new trees in the ground by 2014.

Service Offerings
Public Relations
Partner Engagement
Helping plant a million new reasons to enjoy living in Greater Philadelphia.
The Need
The campaign needed a marketing plan and support to generate the awareness it would need to be successful.
The Insight
Give partners ownership in the process, and they would have ownership in the result.
The Solution
Grimm & Grove engaged five core partners across three states to identify their goals and challenges, and built a marketing and resourcing plan that could support their needs. We then executed on the plan through marketing and public relations to support the P1M campaign.
Beyond Communications
Grimm & Grove’s expertise in establishing and engaging key strategic partners was brought fully to bear in the P1M campaign. Through our engagement with each of P1M’s partners, we were able to not only determine their own goals and challenges, but also bring them into the process itself so that they would have ownership of the result of the campaign.
The Result

The program has been a resounding success and is well on its way to its goal: to plant one million trees so that Philadelphians can sit back in the shade, enjoy the greenery, and live in a cleaner city environment.

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