Specialized Education Services, Inc. (SESI)

Specialized Education Services, Inc. (SESI) is a national provider of special and alternative education programs. They bring a lot of good to the world by building confidence and competence in students with intense special needs through personalized academic and behavioral interventions. But they needed more visibility in the marketplace.

Service Offerings
Crisis Communications
Public Relations
Sometimes it’s not the students that need to be educated, but the decision makers.
The Need
Despite already having a presence in 12 states, SESI wanted more visibility of its offerings.
The Insight
If we can get inside the head of decision makers, we can tap into the issues they care about most.
The Solution
Grimm & Grove developed and executed a strategic public relations campaign that gave the SESI experts a platform to reach targeted decision makers through speaking engagements, strategic media outreach, and new awards programs. We also work with SESI to protect their reputation through strategic crisis communication management.
Beyond Communications
The Result

Grimm & Grove secured major speaking engagements for SESI leaders at local and national education conferences. We’ve also gotten them placements in all their media markets from California to Massachusetts, in mediums ranging from TV to print, and publications like Education Week and The Baltimore Sun.

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