The Philadelphia Freedoms

Owned by Billie Jean King, The Philadelphia Freedoms bring Mylan World Team Tennis – America’s only professional team sport with men and women playing together – to Philadelphia every summer. But the organization didn’t have the awareness it deserved.

Service Offerings
Partnership Establishment
Public Relations
Advantage: The Philadelphia Freedoms.
The Need
The Philadelphia Freedoms engaged Grimm & Grove to increase the visibility and notoriety of the organization throughout the region.
The Insight
The Freedoms had the opportunity to serve up tennis to underserved communities.
The Solution
Grimm & Grove brought season after season of excitement and media attention for the players and matches, with a special emphasis on increasing exposure with new audiences.
Beyond Communications
Grimm & Grove didn’t just stop at media relations: We also fostered a number of new partnerships with community partners like the Fairmount Park Commission and the Hunting Park neighborhood to bring team tennis and athletic opportunities to new audiences.
The Result

Recognition for The Philadelphia Freedoms as one of Philadelphia’s hottest hometown teams has increased throughout the region, including with new audiences who had never engaged with the organization previously.

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