The Parkinson Council

The Parkinson Council is a local organization that’s dedicated to helping those impacted by Parkinson’s Disease. The Council funds critical research and programs at Philadelphia’s premier cultural and scientific organizations, from the University of Pennsylvania Health System, to Jefferson Health, to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The organization had a simple objective: it needed its story told. The problem? That simple objective wasn’t so simple to achieve.

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Making a mission into a movement.
The Need
The Council had a great reputation as a grassroots. Web traffic was brisk. But their regional impact and the fiercely loyal community they inspired weren’t well known. They were often confused with national organizations, and their branding needed a more modern look.
The Insight
People in the Philadelphia region needed to understand the benefits of the Council’s laser-like local focus. But they also needed to see the Council as part of a larger, more dynamic movement that was having an impact far beyond the local area.
The Solution
Grimm & Grove created a new tagline, “Your local partner in the movement against Parkinson’s Disease,” which introduced the organization’s rallying cry. We produced a new logo which stood for the hope and progress the organization represented. Finally, we created a new mobile-friendly website that brought the organization’s new brand to life.
Beyond Communications
The Result

The movement we created is alive, well and thriving: Participation at the recent Walk to Stamp Out Parkinson’s was a great success, with groups of people on foot and in wheelchairs, with children and dogs, strolling down the Parkway and proving that movement really is what the Council is all about.

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